A Comparative Study of “Indigenous Knowledge” and “Modern Science”

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Osaka University & University of Toronto
Open Anthropology Workshop
Monday, May 8, 2017
9:30AM – 4:30PM
Anthropology Building, AP246
19 Russell Street

Please join faculty and graduate students from Osaka University and University of Toronto for an open workshop in which we explore how attention to infrastructure might guide us to see the complex dynamics among various human and nonhuman beings that constitute the world, opening up new questions about how to live in a world of environmental change.

The workshop will include 4 sessions with speakers (please see attached schedule), featuring:

Michelle Murphy (University of Toronto) x Gergely Mohasci (Osaka University)
Bonnie McElhinny (University of Toronto) x Goro Yamazaki (Osaka University)
Andrea Muehlebach (University of Toronto) x Moe Nakazora (Osaka University)
Joshua Barker (University of Toronto) x Sho Morishita (Osaka University)

And a roundtable session by Atsuro Morita (Osaka University) and Grant Otsuki (University of Tsukuba)

Program: OsakaUofTAnthroWorkshop_program
Provocation: OsakaUofTAnthroWorkshop_provocation
Register: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/visible-invisible-an-open-workshop-on-infrastructure-politics-of-cohabitation-tickets-33598065719

Organizers: Keiichi Omura (Osaka University), Shiho Satsuka (University of Toronto)
Bronwyn Frey (University of Toronto), Brenton Buchanan (University of Toronto) & Johanna Pokorny (University of Toronto)

Questions or concerns, please ­contact: brenton.buchanan@mail.utoronto.ca

Co-sponsored by the Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.